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Hi! We’re FlyersToYou, the nation’s premiere real estate marketing company. Welcome to our new website! Yes, we know...it’s a little funky. Kinda cool, but definitely on the “adventurous” side.

If you haven’t done so yet, take a look at the graphic above. There are things you probably noticed right away (the FlyersToYou logo, the large magnifying glass, the paintbrush, etc.) But, there are other items which may take a bit longer to find (i.e. the word “marketing” faded into the background to the left of our logo, or the words “Real Estate” just above the business cards).

Speaking of business cards...those were probably easy to find, right? Now, go ahead and take another look at the top of the page for a few more moments (we’ll wait). Did you notice the listing flyer, or the “Just Listed” postcard, or the real estate sign? Most likely. But did you notice the seashell? Hmm, maybe not (at least not yet) and we’re not telling you where it is either! ::smirk:: What about the sunglasses? They’re kinda just “hanging around” somewhere. They’re actually pretty easy to find once you look a little further, but you may not have noticed them right away. What about the animated digital photo frame sitting on top of the curio cabinet? It actually works!! Cool, huh?

Oh, there is. We promise! We want you to explore our site. Make it an adventure. Browse around and see what we have to offer. When you’re done, call us. It’s our hope that you’ll believe (like we do) that getting noticed (even in a ‘cluttered’ marketplace) really isn’t that hard to do. It just takes a little know-how, a whole bunch of marketing expertise...and perhaps a bit of “outside the box” thinking.

Oh...and partners like us!

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